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"Fashion Fix" What is it? (for Customers)

"Fashion Fix" What is it?

Do you know what type of jewelry (or even what color) goes with the outfit you are wearing? Or are you like me and just think "Anything goes"?

If it is silver I know it will go with anything (hehe) But what about styles? Are you wearing something casual or are you dressed for a prom or wedding? What do you wear with your outfit?

Well Paparazzi Fashion Fix takes all the guess work out of matching up accessories to outfits with our Five Fashion Trends.
And the Best Thing is The complete set of four pieces is only $20, but if you do not like the whole set you can purchase individual pieces at $5 each.
And the next best thing. . .  every month they come out with new Fashion Fix Accessories.

How it works:

I will receive samples of the new pieces on or about the 23rd of each month. I will then show them in my VIP group (so be sure to ask to join the VIP group) from the 23rd to the 4th of the next month I will take pre-orders for the Fashion Fix. On the 4th at midnight I will place my order and pray that all the orders go through. Sometime pieces and sets sell out within the first twenty minutes, So I will do my very best to get the pieces for you.  Once the order is confirmed and I have shipping confirmation I will send out invoices  for the order.

Below are the five Trend Blends that are available.
If you have any questions email me at

Trend Blend # 1

 Fiercely 5th Avenue - Sleek, metallic designs like those seen on the streets of New York. Strong, edgy yet incredibly versatile with that professional, timeless, classy look. May appeal to those who shop at Banana Republic, Chico's, Kohls and White House/Black Market.


Trend Blend # 2

 Sunset Sightings - Drastic designs, bold colors and funky combinations easily seen on young Hollywood icons or the pages of People magazine. May appeal to those shopping at H&M, Charlotte Russe or Wet Seal.


 Trend Blend # 3

 Simply Santa Fe - Vibrant colors of the Southwest desert featuring indigenous patterns and natural looking stones are what this look is all about. This look may appeal to those who shop at Buckle or PacSun.


 Trend Blend # 4

 Glimpses of Malibu - Added colors and a more feminine touch than Fiercely 5th Avenue, Glimpses of Malibu takes on the styles of Malibu, CA. Featuring fun, livable fashion with an upscale flair, this look uses tamer hues offering a laid back vibe. This look may appeal to shoppers of Old Navy, Gap, Maurice's or J. Crew.


Trend Blend # 5

MY Personal Favorite

Magnificent Musings - Inspired by the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, this look takes on classic trends with urban elements. May appeal to those who shop at Express or Forever 21.