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All about me and why I joined Paparazzi
I am a 70 yr old Grandma of 5 & Great  Grandma of 7. The younger ones really keep me young. 

Up until my work accident back in 2008 I was a work-a-holic. I had 2 accidents at work 3 months apart and it was the second one that took me out of the work force. Get this both times a safety mat was involved. It is funny now but not at the time.

The first accident I broke my right Tibia, I had to have a metal plate and screws put in (it is very painful today when the weather gets nasty, cold, rain, snow etc) The second accident was three months later. This one was a bad one. I broke my knee cap in over 100 pieces. I have had three surgeries and I am in constant pain from the two accidents.

Now lets go back to the first accident. The way in which I fell (tripping on a safety mat) I did some damage to my cervical (one surgery there) and also to my lower back lumbar area. I finally after several years decided the pain was more than I could handle and had surgery on the lumbar. I was told that the surgery could last forever or the disc could go back to where it was and I would need another surgery. Well GUESS WHAT?  Yes that is right I am needing another surgery as the disc is laying on a nerve and I am in constant pain.

This brings me to the Why of Why I am selling Paparazzi. I was buying Paparazzi from a consultant on a regular basis. Then a light bulb lit up. . .  It will not take that much to sell Paparazzi. I can do live Facebook and occasionally do an event, maybe a home party (Just need my family to help me get my items to where I am going) most of the time I would be sitting down. Not much walking I could do this!!  So here I am getting a discount on my own personal Bling instead of giving the money to another consultant.

Over the last 3 yrs my WHY has changed a little bit.  Now I do this because it keeps me busy (and broke) LOL!!  But this gives me a purpose a reason to want to keep going. .   

I have found that there is a lot of companionship in this business. The other Papa sisters are like family. We talk everyday, we encourage each other and I thoroughly enjoy that part of this business. 

I want to let you know that you can do this to. For more information just send me an email at