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July Fashion Fix will be here soon

Last month (June 2019) was my first month with Fashion Fix. I was a little comprehensive but also alot excited. I was seeing Paparazzi Consultants that are signed up to sell Fashion Fix post so many Posts about the pros and cons and the nightmares of ordering  that I really was starting to wonder why I waited three months on the waiting list to sell the  darn stuff. 
But when I received my first Fashion Fix box of five different sets of four last month I was sold.  Now I was not completely overwhelmed with some of the pieces in all the sets, but each and every set had an overwhelming WOW piece in it.
 So here I am just five days away from receiving my second Fashion Fix box full of some, what is to be amazing sets from the five Trend Blends, Fiercely 5th Avenue, Magnificent Musings, Sunset Sightings, Glimpses of Malibu, and Simply Santa Fe.

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